Friday, February 10, 2012

NEWS: More Shots Of The Avengers Quinjet And SHIELD Helicarrier

We've seen a number of Hasbro's Avengers tie-in toys already - including the rather cool-looking Quinjet and SHIELD Helicarrier. But we've never got much of a sense of the scale of either... until now.

The image below - which comes to us from Marvelous News - shows Hasbro rep Clayton Hodges ''playing'' with the Quinjet as it soars above the SHIELD Helicarrier. Now unless Hasbro has specifically hired Umpa-Lumpas and Munchkins to man their Toy Fair stand, I think it's safe to say THAT CARRIER IS FREAKING HUGE.

Hopefully we'll see more this weekend during the New York Toy Fair.


  1. I saw some early release Avengers figures at a Vegas Toys R Us. The Iron man was just a repackage from the Iron Man Movie, Loki came with a bent and flimsy spear, The Thor figure was ok, but the Hulk figure was a total piece of garbage. I have seen better Hulks come in McDonalds Happy Meals.

    1. I saw a few of them in GA, too. I quite liked the Captain America design but it looked a little toy-like thanks to the paint.


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