Monday, February 13, 2012

NEWS: Toy Fair 2012 - More From Diamond Select Toys

So we already knew they were launching a line of Mad Monster Party figures and we've just seen their Star Trek and Universal Monsters Mego-like retro dolls, but it seems Diamond Select Toys has a whole lot more coming our way...

This gallery of images from Action Figure Insider features a few other surprises, including some awesome-looking additions to the Universal Monsters figure line, more from The Munsters, some very cool new Minimates and much more.

Source: Action Figure Insider, via Action Figures Daily.


  1. I need those Eddie and Marilyn figures to go with my Hermen,Lily and Grandpa figures.

    Again am all over those Mad Monster Party figures like i said before.

    I hate the Lizard figure but those Marvel Selects look sweet.

    1. I think Marilyn and Eddie will be out later this year (in a 2-figure pack.) I dig the Biker Herman figure.

      The MMP figures do look good and I agree about the Lizard. The character design is too far from the original (which I loved as a kid) so that's a real let-down, no matter how good the actual figure is.


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