Friday, February 17, 2012

NEWS: Toy Fair 2012 - Star Wars Fighter Pods and Amp'd Gallery

Just when you thought Hasbro had squeezed every possible penny out of the Star Wars toy lines, they go ahead and invent not one but two new toy concepts! 

The Star Wars Fighter Pods are Hasbro's attempt to cash-in on the blind-bagged, squishy mini-figure style of toys (Squinkies, I'm looking at you...) but with the addition of larger ships and vehicles. Which is kind of cool.

Amp'd is a new line - and presumably like their Kre-O concept, it will be applied to other Hasbro properties down the line - that uses a standard-sized port and peg connector system, allowing kids to reconfigure and combine their toys to create new vehicles. Micronauts, anybody?

The Amp'd range also includes SD-style single carded figures (as seen above), which also appear to come with interchangeable accessories and building pieces. Although the first waves of Fighter Pods are in stores now we've no word on when we can expect to see the Amp'd toys or their price-point but we'll keep you posted.

See more at Rebel Scum.

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