Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation Prototype Figures Gallery

The GI Joe: Retaliation toys may not be arriving for another couple of months but this weekend saw four pre-production lots up for sale on Ebay. And although the auctions have now ended, the seller's accompanying images remain - so check-out the gallery after the jump to get a closer look at just what we can expect when the toys land at retail later this year.

Cobra Trooper (with Parachute)

It's difficult to judge just how final all these figures are and whilst I like the sculpt, I have to say I'm not sold on the very plastic-looking blue webbing gear. Perhaps it's simply the images or a pre-production plastic but it looks horribly toy-like. Or maybe it really is like that...

GI Joe Trooper (Erroneously Listed as ''Dusty'')

Again, there's some pretty plastic-looking stuff going on here, especially with the DAY-GLO BRIGHT ORANGE shovel. Interestingly the helmet is actually a separate piece (rather than a removable accessory) and that his backpack appears to feature FOUR pistol holsters.

Snake Eyes

Whilst the basic figure is neat enough, the accessories are pretty weak. I'd be very surprised if this is all Snake Eyes comes with at retail, as I don't think I've ever seen the figure without a sword. That grappling hook looks suspiciously like some kind of intrauterine device. And again, BRIGHTLY COLORED WEAPONS!

Storm Shadow

Of the four figures, Storm Shadow is probably the least offensive. There's a nice lean-ness to the body sculpt and - thankfully - a distinct lack of super-bright, fun weaponry. Again, though, it wouldn't surprise me if the figure included additional accessories.

Although I can live with the plastic-looking weapons on the whole (as I'm sure like me, most GI Joe collectors have a box full of spare weapons which will make excellent replacements) I have to admit I'm worried that none of the figures appear to include stands. Here's hoping they make it into the final releases.

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