Friday, March 9, 2012

NEWS: Gorilla Mouth's Yuudoku Teaser

I know Gorilla Mouth's Troy Stith has been working on a secret project for a while, but finally we're able to bring you the first details of his upcoming release, Yuudoku.

I'm happy to finally share a small teaser with all of you for an upcoming vinyl release with Max Toy Co! This has been awhile in the making and it's been just about impossible not to shout it out to the world. I want to thank Mark for giving me this awesome opportunity to add a character to his already stellar lineup of kaiju monsters! Without further adieu, here's the teaser of Yuudoku! 

Born off the Coast of Kikorman Island, Yuudoku lived a happy life among the reefs in the crystal blue waters. He enjoyed being surrounded by his friends and providing housing for them and their kin.

All of that changed when greedy tankers began dumping toxic waste into the pristine waters. While no one knew these dastardly deeds were being committed, the results began to change and warp the once pure waters of Kikorman Bay.

Left with the choice of fleeing to cleaner waters or death, Yuudoku’s friends began to disappear. The tankers eventually moved on to spread their filth elsewhere, but Yuudoku’s friends still fled. It wasn’t the boats that they were afraid of anymore, it was him.

Yuudoku had mutated into a hulking tentacled beast. His body that was once a home had become a poisonous wasteland. Plumes of toxins spewed from his back, making it impossible for his friends to be close to him without endangering their lives.

He found himself alone; radiating with angry despair. Yuudoku vowed revenge against those who brought this dismal fate upon him.

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