Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NEWS: The Hobbit Toy Pre-Orders

BBTS has just added a few new items to their pre-order listings that give us a clue as to what to expect when The Hobbit tie-in toys land in stores later this year.

The line-up - which goes on-sale in October but is available to pre-order now - features figures in both the 3.75'' scale and 6'' scale and although specifics are still a little vague, the titles at least give some insight into what we can expect to see.
  • 3.75" Beast Pack Series 01
  • 3.75" Collector Pack
  • 3.75" Figure Series 01
  • 3.75" Figure Two-Pack Series 01
  • 3.75" Goblin Battle Set
  • 6'' Deluxe Collector Figure 01
  • 6" Figure Series 01
OK, so it's not the most informative of listings but it does at least confirm that we're getting 3 3/4'' and 6'' toys!

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