Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NEWS: Kotobukiya's Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Takemikaduchi Type-00F Kit

I've no idea what or who a Muv-Luv... all that stuff is, but (A) it looks rather cool and (B) it's coming soon from Kotobukiya.

From their Facebook Page:

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! The amazing Fine Scale Model kits celebrating the robot units of Muv-Luv Alternative and its side story Total Eclipse continue with a variant version of the Takemikaduchi Fine Scale Model Kit, the amazing Takemikaduchi Type-00F Yui Takamura’s Machine! Specially designed for its battle prowess, the Type-00 is reserved for only the general, also known as “shogun.” In Total Eclipse the 00F is piloted by Takamura, and bears an eye-catching golden yellow paint scheme symbolizing the Go Sekke Family Guards. It has the same heavy armor made up of angular plates with an all-new head unit. The robot stands nearly 7 inches tall and comes with a wide variety of accessories and weapons and a special display stand for extra support. Comprised of about 350 parts, the Type-00F has 40 points of articulation for excellent poseability, and translucent plastic was used on its eyes and other key locations!

The Type-00F will be available July 2012.

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