Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NEWS: DC All-Stars Update

You may recall that last year Mattel announced a new line of DC-themed figures, which would be available at retail and entitled DC All Stars.

Well, it looks as if those plans have changed...

The original Series 1 line-up featured the (as we mentioned at the time) not very-All-Star characters of Plastic Man, Superboy Prime, Batman Beyond and, erm, Larfleeze. Now however, Big Bad Toy Store - who had been taking pre-orders on the first wave of figures - emailed customers who'd placed orders to announce that Mattel is making some changes to the line-up:

We have just been told that this assortment has been cancelled, and that the Series 01 set has been changed to JLA Superman, JLA Batman, Red Robin and Superboy Prime, with all other waves and figures being cancelled. If you are interested in the Series 01 set and have not yet ordered, feel free to place a pre-order for that item instead. We thank you for your order, and apologize for the inconvenience.

Yes, that's right - aside from this run of four figures, the entire All Stars line has been cancelled.

Whilst I did - and to be honest, still do - question the line-up as ''All Star'' figures, I find it incredible that Mattel - the world's largest toy manufacturer - isn't putting-out a line of figures based on comicdom's most recognizable characters at retail.

Here's hoping Matty has something else up his sleeve.

Source: The ToyArk/Big Bad Toy Store

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