Monday, March 19, 2012

NEWS: Walking Dead Season 3 News

There's not much we can say without giving away spoilers, but if you'd like to read the latest announcement regarding The Walking Dead's Season Three then click through now.

Be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

As revealed on last night's episode of The Talking Dead - and as fans of the comicbooks already knew - the mysterious hooded figure pictured above is Michonne, a non-nonsense character who joins Rick's group and becomes an integral part of the series. Her arrival had been rumored for some time (and the comicbook version of the character is available in the Walking Dead action figure line) but on last night's The Talking Dead, it was confirmed, along with the announcement that Treme's Danai Gurira will be portraying the character in Season Three.

As previously reported, David Morissey is also set to join the cast for Season Three as The Governor. Given the arrival of Michonne, the rather awesome helicopter sequence in the pre-titles sequence and that final shot, it looks as if Season Three will be taking a few cues from the whole Woodbury storyline.

The Walking Dead returns for its Third Season in the Fall.

Thanks to Charles ''Monsterforge'' Marsh for the awesome Michonne screen cap.

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