Monday, March 19, 2012

NEWS: The Candy-Coated Custom Show

What do you get if you take some of today's best toy artists, give them a brief of ''it must be candy- or British-themed - or both'' and set them loose? The Candy-Coated Custom Show, of course!

Organized by Tenacious Toys and displayed at the London Candy Company (in New York, surprisingly) the show opens on April 21st and runs for two weeks. 

As reported at Spanky Stokes, artists featured include: 

Mike "NEMO" Mendez, Nasty Neil (Wasted Talent), Den "Mr.Den" Ramos, Giannina Gutierrez, southerndrawl, Rampage Toys, Scott Kinnebrew, Danicus Prime, Ahren Gauthier, Brian Ahlbeck, Ian Ziobrowski, Masahiro Ito, Hugh Rose, Tony DePew, Shawn Wigs, Joe Scarano, Adam Pratt, Mr. Munk, Cris Rose, AW177, Mike Die, Rich Page (UME Toys), Matt A*, Foox, Evilos, ZAM, Rsin, Squink!, JC Rivera, OsiRisORion, Kris Dulfer, Sucklord, Teru Fujita, and Billy Roids. 

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