Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe ''Basic'' Figure Variants

They're not even on shelves yet but a run of variant colorways of the upcoming GI Joe Basic line has been discovered.

The six figure set - which is due to land at US retail any day now - will, according to Joe Declassified, also be available in a variant colorway, featuring repaints of Snake Eyes (now sporting green detail), Duke (in grey fatigues), Shipwreck (in green) along with Cobra Commander and the Cobra Trooper in their standard blue/gold uniforms. Interestingly the Storm Shadow variant appears to be a homage to 1993's T'ginzu from the Ninja Force sub-line...

See more at The HISS Tank.


  1. I really like these color-variants even more so than the original versions.

    1. Yeah, the Snake Eyes is particularly cool.


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