Monday, April 23, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe Basic Figures Hit Retail

Last week we brought you the first images of a new line of cut-price GI Joe figures. Since then not only have a few more details emerged but they've even been spotted at retail.

The first wave of this new line - which is now officially called the ''GI Joe Basic Figure Assortment'' - features an update to six of GI Joe's most popular/recognizable characters (that's Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke, Cobra Commander, Shipwreck and a Cobra Trooper for those keeping count), with each character utilizing designs drawn from the A Real American Hero days but with a modern twist.

Word is that the line of Basic figures will be available through discount outlets such as Family Dollar and Dollar General (and before you get too excited, remember both these stores are what are termed ''Dollar Plus'' stores, so no, the figures won't retail for a Buck) and although we've no official word on when we can expect to see them hitting shelves in the US, the first wave of these new toys has already shown-up - in the Philippines.

As reported at The HISS Tank, the six-figure assortment was found at retail (rather than being an unofficial release), with each figure carrying a 347 Pesos price tag (roughly $8 US - although keep in mind that most US toys in the Philippines are a little pricier than they are at home.) Again, we've no word when we can expect to see them hitting US shelves but it looks like it could be time to start checking your local stores...

The HISS Tank: GI Joe Basic Figure Assortment Released at Philippines Retail

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