Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NEWS: 3A Tease Microman String Theory

We knew 3A were working on a line of licensed Microman (a toy range collectors in the West may know as Micronauts) - and so far, that was all we knew. But now we at least have the newly-released logo (as seen above) to go along with that information.

Interestingly - if the logo is to be believed (and there's no reason not to) - 3A has opted to produce their Microman figures at the 1/12th scale, meaning they'll be closer in height to this previously seen (and mis-identified as one of their's) custom Acroyear figure than the original 3 3/4'' releases.

I have to admit that whilst I'm pleased to see the Microman brand reactivated (especially as Hasbro has done nothing but tease us with their ownership of the Micronauts brand), I have mixed feelings about 3A's involvement in the project, given their past record of late shipping and lax quality control.

We'll bring you more when we have it.


  1. Yeah, no surprise about the scale, 3A stated on their site shortly after the license announcement last year that it would be 1/12, which was what made the Acroyear picture seem credible at the time (it actually was of a garage kit by Microman customizer extraordinaire Ankoku Sousatsuken). :)

    1. Yeah, I didn't really expect them to do them at the right scale to be honest, but at least now it's (seemingly) confirmed.


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