Monday, June 18, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 Gallery

Here's a good news/bad news situation for you: the good news is that a host of new images of the second Wave of GI Joe: Retaliation figures has emerged and - much like Wave 1 - there appear to be some pretty cool figures in the assortment. The bad news is that unless you want to try and snipe the pre-release versions from Ebay, you're going to have to wait until next year to get your hands on them. 

First up, the rather excellent three-figure packs are to get a second wave, featuring a Tactical Ninja Ops (formerly rumored to be the Night Ops pack) and Cobra Invasion line-up. The Ebay information appears to confirm that the former includes a new Snake Eyes (sporting some rather brightly colored web gear), Agent Mouse (a new character created for the movie) and Sgt Airborne. (Note that the equipment and coloring of these figures may change before their final release.)

The second set, dubbed the Cobra Invasion set, features an updated Para-Viper (dubbed the Cobra Invasion Tooper), Storm Shadow and Firefly - who looks suspiciously similar to the Ninja Dojo Beachhead.

Meanwhile, the single carded Firefly from Wave 2 has also made an online appearance - this time complete with packaging and final accessories.

Finally, fans of the Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow will be pleased to see the buck getting a new lick of paint and a new lease of life as the GI Joe: Retaliation Sneak Attack Storm Shadow, as seen in this gallery at The HISS Tank.

You can see more - along with links to each Ebay auction - in this post and this post at The HISS Tank.


  1. Yes, I'm going to get the green street luge Storm Shadow instead of the dead-on version in the three-pack. That will SURELY HAPPEN.

    While I appreciate Hasbro making the three-packs very obviously collector-targeted, they're costing themselves money by doing so. :)

    (And I don't think Firefly shares any parts with Beachhead - the legs are Lifeline's, I think the arms may be as well, and everything else is either new or recoloured from the single-pack version. Outstanding-looking figure and possibly the new definitive Firefly (esp. if they give him some added camo).

    There's also a lot of accessories from previously-cancelled figures scattered throughout these sets - Airborne is the legendary Data Viper that got canned. Sadly, he doesn't have the UAV that was supposed to come with Data-Viper.

  2. I think with Firefly and Beachhead it's the fact that - at least from the photos - they look to be sporting an almost identical shade of tan/grey/sandstone/whateverthehellthatcolor is, along with weapons cast from a matching shade of plastic. At least to my limited eyes. :)

  3. Sneak Atteck Storm Shodow look good! And one i would consider getting.

    1. The Rise of Cobra figure was pretty good - except the coat got in the way of most poses.


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