Monday, June 18, 2012

NEWS: BigManToys' Acro-Zombies, More Keshi

Old School Microman/Micronaut fans might just recognize the figure that inspired this Acro-Zombie, the latest creation from BigManToys.

Set for release later this week, the Acro-Zombie is BigManToys' latest tribute to the awesome Micronauts (following on from his super-funky Micro-Keshi) and features an assortment of body and head pieces, such as those seen on the above figure, which appear to be based on the Giant Acroyear Armdroid Ta (if my Microlore serves me.) No word yet on pricing but we'll keep you posted.

In other news, BigManToys has announced they'll also be releasing more Keshi mini-figures, plus there's also an under-wraps potential collaboration in the works, but that's still very hush-hush.

Check it all out at the BigManToys blog.

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