Monday, August 27, 2012

NEWS: Blake's 7 Reboot Finds Network?

We told you it was coming last month, but now it seems the Blake's 7 reboot may have found a home.

According to Entertainment Weekly, SyFy has stepped and grabbed the Martin ''Casino Royale'' Campbell-produced, Joe ''Heroes'' Pokaski-penned Pilot. There's no word as to whether SyFy has any commitment beyond the Pilot at this stage but presumably if it's a hit, the Pilot will be spun-off into a full series.

SyFy and the new Blake's 7 could make for a good match: after all, this is the channel that brought us the rather excellent - and stylistically very compatible - Battlestar Galactica reboot, which not only shows the network is clearly comfortable with darker updates to cult shows but also could give us some idea as to the direction the show might take.

More when we have it.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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