Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NEWS: Hasbro Announces Kre-On Microchangers

Hasbro has announced a new line of Transformers Kre-Ons - the Microchangers.

An update posted on the Transformers Facebook Page shed a little light on the new toys:

For the first time ever, the KRE-O line launches TRANSFORMERS KREON MICROCHANGERS! Each TRANSFORMERS KREON MICROCHANGERS character features a popular TRANSFORMERS KREON figure robot that can be built and then rebuilt into their alternate mode. For a completely new and never-been-done before building experience, these KREON MICROCHANGERS have 2-in-1 capabilities! KRE-O TRANSFORMERS KREON MICRO CHANGERS launches this fall with a Preview Wave of 6 figures and will introduce additional unique figures — plus KREON Micro-Changers Combiner Sets— next year.

See the gallery at the Transformers Facebook Page.


  1. Hmmm these should be pretty awesome to have i might have to pick-up a set of them.

    1. It's interesting they're called MicroChange figures, as that was the name Takara used for the Microman toys that inspired the Transformers...!

  2. Wow, each figure has a 2-in-1 capability? That's almost like a transformer!
    I haven't paid much attention to Kre-o, but these look pretty cool.


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