Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NEWS: Ironhaus Productions Reveal New Minifigures

I've been watching developments at Ironhaus Productions and their Gorewads line since earlier this year when an article over at Battlegrip first introduced me to theses cool Keshi-style minifigures. But it never seemed to be quite the right time to cover their work - until now.

Ironhaus head honcho, Iron Heights, has just revealed a new line-up of seven very cool-looking additions to the Gorewad lineup. Although there's not much detail about a release, numbers or pricing there's no denying that the sheer awesomeness of these sculpts and designs, so here's hoping we'll have more to tell you about these figures soon.


  1. http://ironhauspro.blogspot.com/2012/08/gorewad-monsters-skinny.html

    Ask, and ye shall receive!


    1. Awesome stuff. I'll repost the link as part of tomorrow's update too, just in case anybody misses it here.


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