Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As adults, it's easy to forget that the action figures and collectibles we dedicate so much of our time, effort and money into tracking down, displaying and writing about were originally designed to be played with by kids. And whilst you can find countless online reviews where dedicated collectors will breakdown the articulation set-up of a figure or offer a hyper-critical analysis of the toy's paint app (and how it differs from the 1990 original release) there are few places that offer the alternative, child's eye view found at Kidzcoolit.

Featuring a host of interviews, feature articles, previews and - coolest of all - video reviews in which kids cast a critical eye over the latest toys (with an adult off-camera just to keep things on track), certainly provides a unique perspective on all aspects of entertainment for the young 'uns (there's even Teenz and Babyz sections featuring age-appropriate reviews of movies, DVDs and more), with an emphasis on fun and play - something we adults often overlook.

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