Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NEWS: Matty Collector Club Infinite Earths 2013 Gallery

Following on from the Club Eternia 2013 figure gallery comes the turn of the Club Infinite Earths line-up. 

Like Club Eternia's proposed line-up, these figures will only be available should there be a great enough demand - and that means subscribers. So if you're a fan of the DC Universe line, you'd best make sure you get your sub ordered before the deadline next week!

Saint Walker, The Blue Lantern (January)
The Phantom Stranger (February)
The Elongated Man (with interchangeable hand) (March)
The Orange Lantern (April)
The Flash (Wally West) (May)
M. Malah and The Brain (Club-Exclusive Figure)
If you'd like to see the line move forward into 2013 and beyond, be sure to order your subscription before the closing date of August 6th 2012.


  1. Mallah/Brain would be tons of fun to own but otherwise that's a very weak line-up (ANOTHER Flash? Come on!)

    1. I'm really digging that Phantom Stranger and although I'm not a GL fan, that Saint Walker is pretty neat.


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