Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NEWS: Warlords of Wor Details Emerge

Earlier this week we brought you our first (and admittedly rather fact-free) look at a new line of collectible retro toys, the Warlords of Wor. Since then a few more details have emerged.

Nerd City's Ben got the scoop from Warlords of Wor creator ManOrMonster (AKA Brandon), who was kind enough to not only share some extra details on how the line will work (including the fact that they'll be using magnetic joints ala the Microman Magne Force figures, meaning parts may be swapped between figures) but also a release schedule for the eleven planned figures, details of the first wave's Build A Figure  system and even concept art showcasing some of the upcoming characters.

Check it out for yourself!

Nerd City - Warlords of Wor is Coming!


  1. This is a combo of two of my fave toy lines! Can't wait to see this stuff finished!


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