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NEWS: Ask Matty Round-up October 31st 2012 (UPDATED)

So the deadline isn't until tomorrow but here's a quick round-up of the October 31st 2012 Ask Matty sessions.

First up it's the Q&A round from Action Figure Insider.

Q1. It was said that the rising cost of materials and labor resulted in the cost rise for MOTUC, so as not to skimp on paint apps or accessories. If that is the case, why are the first few reveals for 2013 so light on both? No face mask, alt head, or accessory for Netossa? No belt for Jitsu? (Why he comes with two weapons that he can’t hold at the same time is another issue.) We’re just worried that after investing in this line for another year, we’re going to get less than we’ve come to expect, only now having to pay MORE.

A1. Netossa is light on accessories because her cape is made of a unique material that is very expensive. Jistu comes with three accessories which is already one more than the average.

Q2. The last wave of Young Justice (single carded – Superman, Green Lantern, Robin III, Artemis) are hitting… but where? We’re seeing carded ebay auctions pop up… but no retailer is stocking them. Where are they being shipped to?

A2. This last wave was released – check with your local retailers and your favorite action figure web sites!

Q3. There are always questions about “Why not revive ‘Major Matt Mason?” or ‘When will you bring back ‘Big Jim?’ But what I know to know is if Mattel still owns the rights to ‘Shogun Wariors’ and if there has been any discussion at bringing back that franchise at any scale?

A3. No,we do not currently hold the rights to this property.

Q4. Is Courtroom Ray most likely the final 6″ Ghostbusters figure we’ll ever get, or is there ANY hope of ever getting more 6″ GB figures in the future, perhaps as convention exclusives?

A4. We’re in a holding pattern working with our great partners at Sony on the future of the GB brand. Once we know what is happening we will be excited to revisit figures again.

Q5. Having had the likeness rights for both Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeve, what are our chances of seeing them in 6″ action figure form?

A5. That would be quite the addition to a Superman collection! There aren’t any current plans to create the figures – but you never know what the future may hold!

Meanwhile, over at The Toy Ark:

Q1. Is the Young Justice Select Series 6" Batman cancelled and doomed to only be available through overseas sellers?

A1. The Batman figure with his awesome diorama was released – check your local retailers and your favorite action figure web sites!

Q2. For the Man Of Steel Line, will it mainly be directed at kids with Movie Masters for older collectors? Or will it have a different direction compared to the Green Lantern and Dark Knight Rises lines?

A2. We will have exciting announcements about the Man of Steel product line coming in the next few months – stay tuned!

Q3. Are the 4H sculpting the Injustice figures?

A3. Yes, the Four Horsemen are sculpting the Injustice figures…and they look AMAZING!

Q4. Since Batman gets his own line once again, is 2013 the time we finally get a 4H Batman with double jointed elbows and knees? 

A4.You’ll have to wait and see what we have in store for 2013!

Q5. It took us 4 years to get a Ras Al Ghul Movie Masters figures, but what about the League Of Shadows ninjas and Bruce Wayne in ninja gear from the beginning of Batman Begins? Why haven't we gotten figures of them?

A5. These are all great ideas – we’ll keep them on our list for future explorations!

From The Fwoosh:

Q1. Toy Guru – you have stated that the 2012 mini comics are not indicative of being a “preview” of what characters we should expect as immediately upcoming. However, both King Miro and Eldor featured ver prominently in those books. Since you are changing the roadmap starting in 2014, will these two important characters still be a part of the plan? They are not vintage figures but I would hate for them to be lost in the new rush to focus on that group. Thanks.

A1. We’d love to get to both of these characters but no plans to announce right now.

Q2. When will you announce the item that will be shipping to 2012 subscribers (for the Frosta ordeal)?

A2. Ideally in the next few months. We are still costing out options.

Q3. I know I am getting ahead of myself here, but IF Castle Grayskull is successful, are you keeping the possibility open for trying for future play sets like Snake Mountain as well? I know, getting way ahead here, but maybe keeping the possibility open will help push the sales for Grayskull.

A3. Anything is possible. We need to see how the Castle presale does first before looking into anything else.

Q4. Can you give us a status update for Miss Elizabeth and her availablity on Matty Collector? Also, any chance of seeing future Flash Back figures being offered as well?

A4. Yes, a small quantity of Miss Elizabeth figures will be available on MattyCollector.com around January. And also yes, more Flashback figures will be available on MattyCollector, especially if Miss Elizabeth sells well!

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