Thursday, October 11, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe Kre-Os - First Images!

If you're a fan of vintage Joes or feel that the modern figures have lost the sense of fun and 80s awesomeness  of the originals, then you may just find what you're looking for with the upcoming GI Joe Kre-O toys - if these new shots are anything to go by.

We've no word yet on when we can expect to see these toys hitting shelves beyond the original ''February 2013'' comment so until then, feast your eyes on this first wave of construction kits and minifigures.

And for those wondering, the kit designations - according to The HISS Tank - are as follows:

Ninja Temple Battle
Battle Platform Attack
Checkpoint Alpha
Cobra Armored Assault
Dragonfly XH-1
Serpent Armor Strike
Thunderwave Jet Boat

Source: The HISS Tank.


  1. Those might be the most awesome toys I have ever seen! That Wild Bill is amazing. Hell, all of the them are! I was afraid it was going to be dedicated to Retaliation... But now it looks like I'll be getting these!

    1. They do look excellent, don't they? It's great to see - as you say - they're not Retaliation toys and I love how they've taken older designs and Kre-O-fied them.


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