Monday, October 8, 2012

NEWS: Hasbro to Launch GI Joe Kre-Os

The GI Joe Collectors' Club has confirmed our suspicions by releasing the first official teaser image for the upcoming GI Joe Kre-O construction kits.

Although the image doesn't feature any actual shots of the upcoming toys themselves, it does give us an idea as to where the line will be heading - namely that we can expect to see some seriously old school GI Joe character designs and concepts.

No doubt Hasbro will be releasing more info and images at the upcoming New York Comic Con, ahead of the line's 2013 debut.

GI Joe Collectors' Club Facebook Page


  1. Oh baby! I can't wait....Yo Kre-O!!

    1. I know. I just wish they'd got them out sooner to fill the regular Joe void!


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