Monday, November 12, 2012

AFFILIATE LINK: Star Wars Yoda with Snake Jumbo Kenner Figure

One of my first experiences of the practice known as ''short packing'' came when I was - like most 70s and 80s kids - into the Star Wars action figure line. Although Jawas had been tough to find, the figure that was the real Holy Grail was the diminutive Jedi Master, Yoda. And when you look back, you can see why. Not only was the character of Yoda super-popular but the figure itself was superb, with his real cloth robe, belt, gimer stick and - coolest of all - snake accessory. Given how well-equipped (and therefore expensive to manufacture) the toy was, small wonder he was short-packed.

And now he's coming back, but this time in Jumbo form!

This incredible recreation of the classic figure features all the original accessories and even repro packaging from the 1981 release, boosted to 6'' tall (to remain in-scale with the other Jumbo Kenner Star Wars toys) and is available to pre-order now from Entertainment Earth ahead of his March 2013 release. And just like the original scale counterpart, numbers will be incredibly limited, so act fast you must, hmMMmm.

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