Monday, November 5, 2012

NEWS: The Fwoosh Reviews The Hobbit 3 3/4'' Double Packs

With just a little over a month until the movie lands in theaters, The Fwoosh has taken the opportunity to check-out some of the figures from The Bridge Direct's line of The Hobbit toys and - in a review almost as epic as we expect the trilogy to be - they take their first look at the 3 3/4'' scale double-figure packs of Bilbo and Gollum, Balin and Dwalin and Fili and Kili.

If I wasn't excited before (and I was) you can only imagine the cartwheels I'm doing right now...


  1. Man I want a set up for photos like they have.

  2. It is really good, isn't it? I remember years ago my brother making something similar to display some military model kits. I should get him to sort one for my GI Joes...!


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