Friday, November 30, 2012

NEWS: Geeks for Tots 2012

I'm sure you're all familiar with the Toys for Tots foundation and their work to collect donations for underprivileged children. But did you know that as well as experiencing the joy of knowing you've helped make a child's Christmas just a little brighter, you could also win actual prizes for taking part?

Geeks for Tots is an independent incentive program designed to help encourage support of Toys for Toys by offering a number of potential prizes for anybody making a donation to Toys for Tots. To take part, simply make your donation (via a drop-off point or online) and then provide photographic evidence of your participation to Geeks for Tots and you'll be entered into their prize draw, where you could win all kinds of cool goodies including gift cards, collectibles, t-shirts and more.

Regardless of your religious views or political leanings, no child should awaken to an empty stocking on Christmas morning. Your donation of even the smallest of gifts to the Toys for Tots program can make all the difference between it being a time of magical memories or just another cold, December day. So when you're opening your action figures, all of which you're keeping in your storage box, Mint on Card, just think of how much happiness even that single toy could bring to a child on Christmas morning.

And there are advantages beyond helping others that can also help you directly. Tired of those shelf-warming GI Joes, Avengers or Marvel figures clogging up retail space and stopping your local store from ordering the newer waves you want? Then here's an ideal opportunity to clear the inventory and make sure they land in a home where they'll be appreciated. Then of course there are the Geeks for Tots prizes you could win, too. Either way, it's a win-win.

Got that? Donate to Toys for Tots then contact Geeks for Tots. Simple.

So check the Toys for Tots site to find how you can make a donation then head over to the Geeks for Tots website for details on entering the prize draw. 

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