Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NEWS: Lego Reveals Minifigures Series 9 Line-up

Lego has just revealed the line-up for Series 9 of their incredibly popular blind-bagged minifigures. Check out the line-up details and gallery after the jump.

As ever, there are sixteen figures to collect in the series, which will be available from early next year. Until then, here's our first look at the line-up.

 And in case you were wondering, the full, official designations are (in order of appearance):

Chicken Suit Guy, Alien Avenger, Policeman, Cyclops, Fortune Teller, Battle Mech, Judge, Heroic Knight, Roman Emperor, Waiter, Mermaid, Plumber, Roller Derby Girl, Hollywood Starlet, Forest Maiden and Mr Good and Evil. Phew!


  1. Oh there are some definite winners in this set for sure.

    1. I find the limits of the re-used body a bit restrictive myself but I have to admit there are some cool-looking figures there, especially for fans of the Monster Hunter line!


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