Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NEWS: Goodleg Toys Wrestlers of the Universe Resin Recasts

Goodleg Toys wowed us with their insane War on Prehis line of designer bootlegs and now they've turned their attention to the world of pro-wrestling. And by ''world'' I mean, ''Eternia.''

Wrestlers of the Universe features - as the name may suggest - a blending of Masters of the Universe and pro-wrestling characters (specifically the 80s-era WWE) to create a line of mash-up megastars in art figure form. The first line-up of releases focused on custom art figures, created in a freakishly Frankenstein...ian manner by merging all manner of spare parts and pieces to produce a range of one-off kitbashes. Incredibly there's already over a dozen characters - and variant colorways - and although many have sold out, there are still a few available in the Goodleg Toys online store.

Goodleg followed this release up with a line of what they're terming ''resin recasts,'' which - as the name may suggest - are non-articulated resin figures created from casts of the articulated toys. So yes, that does indeed mean Goodleg Toys are bootlegging their own bootlegs!

What they lack in articulation they make up for in their colorways and molding techniques, with the line featuring some seriously awesome-looking color merges, semi-transparent effects and other colorways not possible with the custom kitbashes. Again, the Goodleg Toys online store still has a few pieces left but act now, as they're selling fast!

You can see more of Goodleg Toys' insanity over at their Facebook Page.

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