Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... TV Special!

In today's TV-centric IN OTHER NEWS... we round-up all the latest trailers for next season's new genre shows, including Dracula, Almost Human, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and more as we take a look at this season's coming telefantasy offerings. We've also a prequel to the Doctor Who season finale and news about Defiance, Arrow and more!

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Almost Human
Remember Holmes & Yo-Yo? It's back, in drama form!

Doctor Who: She Said, He Said
It's really little more than a stylish teaser trailer but here's the prequel mini-episode for this seaon's finale, The Name of the Doctor.

Presumably inspired by their success with Elementary, NBC has gone back to the classic (i.e. out of copyright) literary section, this time to bring us a new twist on the story of Dracula. I have to admit that it does look nice but it remains to be seen if this adaptation will bring anything new to the table.

Sleepy Hollow

Renewals, Cancelations and Green Lights
SyFy has confirmed that Defiance will return for a second season, along with the renewal of Lost Girl, Being Human and Haven. Primeval: New World is set to air later this year, although the series has already been cancelled by its Canadian production company (something that may change if the SyFy ratings warrant it). The channel has also given the green light to Ron ''Battlestar Galactica'' Moore's killer plague drama, Helix and will begin airing Season 2 of Continuum in the near future. It's not all good news, though, as the fate of Warehouse 13's fifth season remains undecided at this time.

The CW
The CW's telefantasy shows Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Beauty and The Beast, seem to have paved the way for more offerings, with mutant-themed remake The Tomorrow People, human-alien romance Oxygen and the post-apocalyptic The 100 all making it past the pilot stage. A second season for Arrow was also announced earlier this year.

CBS seems to be playing it safe, relying on a comfortable mix of lawyer and cop-themed dramas, with cyber-drama Intelligence seeming to be their only genre offering.

We've already seen the trailers for Fox's two biggest offerings above (Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human) but the network has also decided that they won't be going forward with sci-fi-tinged romance Delirium (set in a future where ''love is illegal''(!))  24 is also set to return for a limited run series - this time featuring just 12 episodes.

Believe - which centers around a child with mysterious powers and the man who must protect her - has been picked up for a full series. Supernatural Western The Sixth Gun did not make the cut.

Showtime's new offering Penny Dreadful sounds like a kind of League of Extraordinary Monsters, but with John Logan and Sam Mendes behind the scenes, this could prove to be a surprise winner.

No word yet on whether post-apocalyptic drama The Last Ship has made the cut but TNT has announced that its quasi-Bourne spy drama Legends (starring genre hero Sean Bean) has been given the go-ahead. Meanwhile, Falling Skies will return to the channel for its third season in June.

USA Network
USA's only genre offering, the Gale Anne Hurd-produced Horizon (a WWII-set alien invasion piece) has been pushed back until the Summer.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Game of Thrones has been renewed for a fourth season.


  1. Oh man so much coolness I can't wait!

    1. Agents of SHIELD is looking really good. I think that's probably going to be THE big new genre show of the year.


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