Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Ever wondered what would happen if a couple of Micronaut fans got into the Keshi game? Then wonder no longer, as we bring to you the amazing CLONE-O-FORM line of figures.

Designed and 3D sculpted by Bryan Microbry Wilkinson (consultant and designer on the Palisades Micronaut revival line) and brought into resin-y goodness by Lee at BigManToys, this first four-figure wave features a re-release of Lee's super-popular (and even superer-cooler) Micro-Keshi, along with Rip-Toe, Mem-Loss and Battle Bruiser.
Each figure is available individually in one of three colorways (priced at between $15 and $18) or in this four-figure MUSCLE-inspired peach/flesh tone set for the low price of $55.
You can see more at the BigManToys Facebook page ahead of their release tomorrow (Wednesday July 17th at 11PM GMT) through the BigManToys Online Store.

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