Tuesday, August 6, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 06/08/2013

And In Other News... The BBC reveals the new Doctor, some neato-o Podcasts, Knightmare returns and more!

Doctor Who
As revealed on Sunday, the BBC has announced the successor to Matt Smith in the shape of veteran actor Peter Capaldi. Capaldi, 55, has already appeared in the show (in The Fires of Pompeii for those who were wondering - the same episode in which the pre-Pond Karen Gillan made her Whoniverse debut) and in the spin-off series, Torchwood: Children of Earth.
A lifelong fan of the show, Capaldi will make his Doctor debut during the 2013 Christmas Special.

Knightmare Returns!
Cult British TV fantasy game show Knightmare is back! OK, so it's only for one episode (as part of Youtube's ''Geek Week'') and the effects, acting and general crappiness of the show haven't improved with age but if you're a Brit of a Certain Age then this will, I'm sure this will bring back a flood of memories.

The Star Wars-centric Galaxy of Toys returns for its 12 episode. You should check it out.

And while we're in a retro mood, check out the latest episode of The Retroist Podcast.

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