Thursday, August 8, 2013

NEWS: Get Captain Action on the Shelf at Walmart

Our friends over at Round 2/Captain Action Enterprises need your help!

Walmart runs a program called Get on the Shelf that gives its shoppers the chance to choose which products will be carried in their toy department and this time around, the good Captain is in the running!

Originally created by GI Joe designer Stan Weston, Captain Action first hit shelves in the late 60s and was a big hit with kids, thanks to his cool multi-identity costume packs, cool design and neat spy theme. A limited release  in the late 90s by Playing Mantis saw a new generation of fans introduced to the character but it wasn't until 2012 that Captain Action received a full revival, courtesy of Round 2 and CA Enterprises. Now - as the sizzle-reel above shows - he's poised to reach the Next Level (including an animated show that looks awesome!) and you can help that happen.

To vote, simply follow the link below. And if you're still not sure, then know that (A) the Captain Action figures are awesome (check out our Review) and (B) CA Enterprises is a company founded by and for fans, which - in this age of focus groups and lowest common denominator economic models - is a rarity and something we, as toy fans ourselves, should definitely be supporting.

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