Tuesday, August 20, 2013

KICKSTARTER: Choose 'Toons

If you've never read (or should that be played?) a Choose your Own Adventure book, then you're missing out. A hugely successful line of publications that fell somewhere between an adventure story and a role playing game module, the series saw readers make their choice from the options on offer and then jumping back and forth from page to page as instructed. If you were smart and figured out the best course of action, your adventure would continue. If not... well, let's just say few people read the books without removing their bookmark from the previous page...

Now the original series' co-creator R.A. Montgomery has teamed up with fellow CYOA author Shannon Gilligan to produce a new digital series entitled Choose 'Toons (and the above video does a much better job explaining it than we ever could...)

So if you like the sound of this project and would like to be involved, be sure to check out the Choose 'Toons Kickstarter Page!

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