Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AFFILIATE LINK: DC Comics Multiverse Arkham City Batman 4'' Figure

Mattel has always seemed to have two views when it comes to their figures: larger scale = more articulation, smaller scale = reduced articulation. But now the company has decided to merge the two to produce the DC Comics Multiverse line, a range of 4'' tall, highly-articulated figures, presumably intended to be their answer to the Marvel Universe line.

Wave 1 - which features characters drawn predominantly from the Arkham City videogame designs (with movie-inspired Batmans... Batmen.... coming next!) - is set for release early next year. But given how popular this range of figures will no doubt be, coupled with the fact that, THIS IS BATMAN, you can be sure the above figure will prove difficult to find on shelves. So why not avoid disappointment and pre-order it right now?

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