Thursday, September 26, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS... 09/26/2013

IN OTHER NEWS... Thor: The Dark World's new trailer, we take a sneak peek at what's coming up in Agents of SHIELD, another videogame gets the movie treatment, Warner Bros. announces the development of a Batman-free Batman show, Elementary makes its welcome return tonight and more!

Need for Speed
EA's driving game franchise is the latest videogame to hit the big screen, with Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul getting behind the wheel and driving around and stuff. See what you think.

CBS's modern take on Sherlock Holmes returns tonight at 10PM EST. Nice to see Sean Pertwee and Rhys Ifans adding some extra cult kudos.

We've seen that comic-based TV can work (just look at Arrow, Smallville and latest addition Agents of SHIELD) and now it seems somebody at Warner Bros. has realized that too, as they've just announced the development of a Bat-universe show entitled Gotham. 

According to Deadline (via io9) the show will focus on the early days of Jim Gordon as he takes on some of the city's most notorious criminals and villains. So eager are Fox to air the show that they've already commissioned an entire season without waiting on the pilot. Expect to see Gotham late next year.

Agents of SHIELD
So, what did we all think? I have to admit I enjoyed the pilot and there was a lot of fun to be had but I'm hoping now everything's in place we can get a little more character development and interaction. It certainly seems to have been a hit with audiences though, pulling in close to 12 million viewers. And if you weren't one of them, the good news is you can catch an ''encore presentation'' (i.e. re-run) tonight at 8PM EST on ABC.

Anyway, check out the new ''This Season On...'' trailer to see what's coming up.

Thor: The Dark World
And in case you missed it during Tuesday's premiere of Agents of SHIELD, here's the new Thor: The Dark World TV promo.

Sleepy Hollow
Here's the over-the-credits preview of the upcoming third episode, airing Monday at 9PM on Fox.


  1. Enjoy Agents last night and Sleep Hollow was decent. Over all some good viewing also watched The Blacklist which was good too.

    1. I'm just not feeling Sleepy Hollow. I think the problem I have is the writers have confused ''stuff going on'' with ''story.'' Like the difference between being busy and being productive - a lot of people confuse the former with being the latter. This is how this show feels to me. Lots happening but nothing going on, if you see what I mean...


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