Tuesday, September 24, 2013

IN OTHER NEWS...09/24/2013

IN OTHER NEWS... Agents of SHIELD lands tonight, X-Men director Bryan Singer eyes Kaiju, Atlantis' first clip has everybody going ''huh?'' SyFy does Jersey Shore - with geeks! - plus there's a look ahead at tonight's Face Off, a trailer for the new surreal sci-fi sexy sex movie Under the Skin and more!

Under the Skin
Despite some pretty poor early reviews, I have to admit that having seen the trailer I'm intrigued by this upcoming surrealist sci-fi horror flick. And I'm sure the lure of seeing Scarlett Johansson stripping off will certainly give the movie's takings a shot in the arm...

Caution: This trailer contains... stuff that might make you feel weird.

So far it's only been shown at a few select film festivals, so no word yet on when - or if - it'll be landing in your local theater.

Agents of SHIELD

ABC premieres a new show at 8PM EST tonight called Agents of SHIELD, which just looks like a rip-off of The Avengers with a dash of Torchwood thrown in (but probably not as good.) If you've nothing better to do, you might enjoy it, I suppose, although I am getting tired of TV channels just dropping these mystery shows in our laps without warning...

SyFy takes a stab at the ''diverse group of people living together'' reality show tonight with Fangasm (10PM EST) The twist? They're all geeks! Here's hoping it's not the nerd-bating human freak show it sounds on paper...

Penny Dreadful
Showtime's upcoming ''psychosexual horror series'' Penny Dreadful isn't set to land until next year (although, to be fair ''next year'' is barely 3 months away) but here's a quick teaser trailer.

Early info seemed to indicate the BBC's new telefantasy Atlantis was a ''period'' piece (if the age of Classical Mythology can be considered a period) but, as this first clip reveals, the show is set in modern times and features a contemporary hero. UK fans will be getting the show ahead of BBC America (which will air the first episode on November 23rd as part of the Supernatural Saturday slot) so hopefully we'll have more soon.

Creature at Bay
Although neither may have been the box office smashes we'd expected, it seems the aftershocks of Cloverfield and Pacific Rim have at least been felt in TV land, with X-Men director Bryan Singer taking on a new, Kaiju-themed show for SyFy. Creature at Bay - as the show is titled - has been given the go-ahead as a 90 minute pilot, hopefully developing into a full series. According to Deadline:

Creature At Bay is set in the wake of the US military taking down a giant, rampant creature — a modern-day “Kaiju” monster – just off the Northern California coast. A middle-management Undersecretary from the California Emergency Management Agency is charged with leading the clean-up efforts as the small town becomes the focus of the entire world.
Face Off
TV's best competitive reality show continues tonight at 9PM EST as the contestants take on ''living art.'' Here's a preview.

Sources: Blastr, io9


  1. That first trailer was a rather strange one indeed.

    1. Under the Skin? Yeah, it looks odd. Reminds me of a movie called Xtro that's surprisingly surreal and spooky.

    2. I think i remember that Xtro movie but it's been a while having seen it.

    3. It's a very creepy, very dark low-budget British horror sci-fi flick. This seems very reminiscent of it. I think it could be pretty neat but I do like ''mood piece'' movies.


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