Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NEWS: Mystical Warriors of the Ring

We haven't really given as much coverage to these awesome-looking Keshi-style figures as we should have in the past. Most of the toys we cover at That Figures tend to be those that are readily available in stores (or as ''readily available'' as anything can be produced by the oh-so-reliable Hasbro and Mattel) so the fact that the Mystical Warriors of the Ring line tended to be con-exclusives or limited run figures made it a little difficult for us to keep up with.

Hopefully all that is about to change with this new wave of PVC figures. The three-figure set - featuring Widowmaker, Kayin Kungaa and Sheldon Sabre (wrestling version) - is to be factory produced (in the same production facility as used by Matt Doughty and the Onell Design crew.) What does this mean? MOAR KESHI!

Right now the PVC project is still in the early stages of development but we'll be sure to bring you more when we have it. Until then you can learn more by checking out this post at the official website.

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