Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NEWS: Mega Bloks Call of Duty Construction Sets

Mega Brands has announced a new line of Call of Duty themed Mega Blok playsets and figures. And they look pretty damned awesome. Click through to see more.

The line, inspired by the bestselling military-themed First Person Shooter series, features a new range of  highly-poseable ''micro action figures'' and accessories, all based on modern military technologies.

As well as featuring vehicles and playsets - ranging from smaller-scale vehicles such as the single-person snow mobile of the Mountain Recon set ($10) to the Heavy Armor Outpost ($60) - the line-up also includes a number of 5-figure ''Army Builder'' sets, retailing at a very reasonable $15.

Anyway, enough with the chat - check out some of the amazing-looking sets!

Although the figures do have a bit of a Lanard's The Corps! look to their proportions, the vehicles are certainly very cool and I'm looking forward to seeing some for myself - they're reportedly already hitting retail now, so hopefully I'll get to do just that very soon!

See more at the official Mega Bloks Call of Duty site.

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