Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NEWS: BBI Unveil Retail Vehicles

We brought you the news last week that BBI were poised to release a series of their 1:18th military figures at retail in the US. Now we've the first images of the vehicles that will also be hitting shelves next month.

Sadly those expecting to see the company's excellent to-scale representations of modern fighting vehicles will be disappointed, as the company has elected to follow the Hasbro's approach of taking a real world vehicle and ''GI Joe-ifying'' it.
As you can see in the above shot, their Little Bird helicopter is, indeed, little, eschewing the full-scale dimensions in favor of a more pocket-friendly SD-style compact design. At least the six-wheeled ATV appears not to have suffered the same fate.
Their DPV suffers from a similar ''reimagining'' with the side-by-side seating compacted to a single driver seat. C'mon guys, even Hasbro didn't go that far...

And then there's this...
Is anybody else hearing circus music?

Here's hoping BBI's first wave of figures makes enough of an impact at retail to warrant a second featuring some of their superior, to-scale craft, as this current line-up (which they've confirmed on their Facebook Page won't include the Humvee everybody was hoping to see) might be fine for younger collectors (although not including any figures in either of the above small-scale vehicles seems like a misstep to me) but given the company's pedigree it's disappointing to see they've opted to go down this route.

More when we have it.

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