Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NEWS: Site Updates and Changes

Change is good!  At least, we think so at That Figures - and we hope you do, too!

We've introduced a new Score section to each Review, the purpose of which is to summarise the text in a simple manner, so visitors will be left with a clear final view of the pros and cons of the toy in question and also be able to settle those arguments about who'd win in a fight between the Hulk and the Thing.  Well, their toys, anyway...

The Scores
Each toy is critiqued on four major areas, with a fifth - the Final Score - acting as a summary.  Scores rank from A+ (the best) to D- (disappointing.)

This covers the basic cast of the figure.  If it's based on an existing character, does it look like them?  How detailed is the toy?  Are the proportions correct?  Is it an appealing design? 

How is paint used to enhance the sculpt?  Is the paint-job eye-catching?  Again, if it's an existing character, is it representative of the original?  How appealing is the use of colour? 

How poseable is the toy?  Are the joints well-placed?  Does the figure's design suffer because of their placement?  Can the toy convey dynamism?  NOTE: fewer joints don't equate to a lower score - it's about how well the joints are used, not the number!

Production Quality
Are there any flaws in the production of the toy?  Are the joints too loose?  Too stiff?  Is the sculpt's design well-produced?  Is the paint-job applied well?  Does the toy feel cheap?

Final Score
The Final Score is, essentially, the deciding factor when it comes to whether we recommend the toy or not.  Fun, originality, value for money and the overall feel of the toy are the key factors here, rather than it simply being an average of the previous Scores.

So.. Should I Buy It or Not? 
Although there's a +/- variant within each, the following is applicable for each rating:

A-Rated - a must-have.
B-Rated - a very good toy, but - obviously - not to the standard of an A-rated toy.
C-Rated - for completist or major fans only where money is no object.
D-Rated - like a C-Rated toy, but badly produced.  Be ready for disappointment.

So obviously a toy that receives an A+ is better than one that receives an A, which in turn is better than an A- but these divisions are used solely for comparison-purposes with the Rating.  All A-rated figures, for example, are must-haves. 

So what do you think?  Does this Scoring System make the Reviews more helpful?  Are there other factors you'd like to see included in the Scores?  Post away and let us know!


  1. I like this new score system am looking forward to see it in use. : )

  2. Thanks. I went back and added Scores to all the previous reviews (which was a tough call, trying to remember how much I liked each toy) and I'll be using it in future. I may even add tags for the overall scores, so visitors can look-up all the A- toys (or whatever.)

  3. Now that sounds like a excellent ideal Iok. : )

  4. Keywords - including Review Scores - are now listed to the right.


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