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REVIEW: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Conrad ''Duke'' Hauser (Delta-6 Accelerator Armor)

Conrad ''Duke'' Hauser in Delta-6 Accelerator Armor
Produced by Hasbro | Released  2009

Conrad ''Duke'' Hauser is a central member of the GI Joe team and chases Cobra villains through Paris to retrieve dangerous Nanomite technology. His high-tech Accelerator Suit increases his speed and strength and is armed with gas-propelled grappling spears and a spinning Gatling gun.

Packaging Shots

Duke in Delta-6 Accelerator Armor
We've seen a few versions of Duke, including one from this same Rise of Cobra line, but the difference here is that he's clad in the Delta-6 Accelerator Armor, as featured in the movie's Parisian chase sequence.

I have to say - and this is heresy among a lot of Joe fans - I actually quite liked that sequence and thought the Delta-6 suits were cool. So sue me!

The sculpt is pretty good. The suit has a bulkier look to it than the Reactive Armor we've previously seen Duke in and there's an extra level of boxiness and angularity that makes the suit look as if it's a powered unit rather than simply being a suit of armor. OK, so maybe he does look a little like Robocop but it's a good look to emulate.

The right wrist comes with a Gatling gun piece attached but the left includes a removable grappling hook launcher unit that can be slipped-off over the hand. These wrist pieces look cool but they can get in the way when you attempt to pose him holding a weapon. There are also two large shoulder guards and the body is covered with small servos, plates and other mechanical-looking pieces. It's quite eye-catching and there's a lot to see.

The head sculpt isn't great. Again, this figure doesn't look much like the movie's Duke and is a variant on the sculpt used in the Reactive Impact Armor Duke, odd given it's supposed to be the same character!

Articulation is fine, with the figure being capable of holding some nice poses. As mentioned, the wrist pieces can get in the way a little in some poses and with some weapons in-hand but it's nothing you can't work around.

Paint is used well, with a gun-metal dry-brushing being used to accentuate some of the armoured plates in a very subtle, but effective manner. The head's paintwork isn't so great, though - my Duke appears slightly cross-eyed. 

Duke comes with a couple of extra pieces of equipment, detailed below.

As mentioned, there's the grappling-hook wrist-mounted launcher, which fits nicely over the left hand. The helmet - which includes an opening visor - is also a pretty good fit, although the fact that the character's neck is exposed seems odd. He's armed with a rifle (which is very difficult to pose him with in his right hand, thanks to his Gatling gun) and a very cool (and working) grappling-hook launcher. Unfortunately the attached string is knotted-up and - as I'm neither a sailor or Boy Scout - I've been unable to unravel it. Which is a shame, as it launches nicely and is a cool, working accessory.

Duke also has his own stand.

Final Thoughts
As mentioned, a lot of GI Joe fans dislike the Delta-6 suit. Personally I quite like the concept and this figure certainly does it justice. 

There are no real surprises, however. Although the figure looks good and is a nice sculpt, with well-applied paint and good articulation and extras, it's probably not going to be the most popular of figures in the line. By all means, if you see it anywhere for sale (especially at a reduced price as I did) then by all means, pick it up. You won't be disappointed. Just don't bust a gut trying to track it down and don't spend a lot of time - or cash - in your attempts to add it to your collection. It's good, but it's not that good.

Production QualityB
Final ScoreB+

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  1. sigh, i hate to be "that guy" but i feel compelled to speak up here. last weekend i was watching all these youtube reviews of G.I.Joe the Rise of Cobra. even among those who liked the movie it seemed like the Delta suites were a bit too much for a G.I.Joe film. some of them described it as being over the top and others felt like it was kind of an Iron Man rip off. although the whole concept of an exo-skeleton that endows it's wearer with all kind of kick ass power has been around for quite a while now. i mean it's not like if they really existed i wouldn't want to put one on and go raise all kind of hell with some bad people. so with that taken into account on their own merit the Delta suites were pretty cool but yeah it was just another one of those things about that movie.

  2. I like the Delta suits and i don't see how they are any more over the top than anything else in the Joe Universe. Now with this figure i find a Duke action figure i finally like out of the new line of "small joes" and i might have to see if i can hunt this one down for the collection.

  3. The suit is certainly no more unbelievable than, say, the Cobra Gunship (which looks like a helicopter without rotors.)

    And yeah, Jboy - it's a nice toy and looks good but that's kind of it, really. It's like the Krusty Brand Seal of Approval - ''It's Not Just Good, It's Good Enough!''


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