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REVIEW: Marvel Universe's Jean Grey

Jean Grey | Produced by Hasbro | Released November 2009 [Reissued February 2010]

Every day, it seems JEAN GREY grows more powerful. With Charles Xavier's help, she keeps her powers in check, but even so it is a daily struggle. She welcomes the inevitable battles against super criminals like MAGNETO, for they offer her a chance to release the vast power that builds up inside her. She hopes to learn the limits of her powers, and with that knowledge control them, but for now she feels it move insider her constantly like a living thing.

Packaging Shots

Jean Grey
Jean Grey was released as part of the 2009 Wave 6, an incredible elusive line of toys that never seemed to receive proper distribution. Of the six figures in the line, I'd previously only seen one (Sunfire) on shelves, with the other figures fetching high prices online. Earlier this year Hasbro released a number of revision cases,  featuring some of the more obscure figures. We've previously seen the re-issued Warpath (which is a variant costume) and today we're looking at his wave- and team-mate, Jean Grey.

I'm going to get this out of the way right now - this figure is a major disappointment. Having spent the last four or more months looking for this wave - and this figure, particularly - I have to say that my anticipation and effort weren't rewarded. We'll come back to that later, but for now let's look at the figure in detail.

The sculpt is a pretty average female figure - possibly it's the SMUFF - with a few custom parts, most noticeably the head and legs. The figure is further augmented with some shoulder pads.

The first problem with this figure is the head sculpt. Jean Grey's head and face look tiny, as if they're buried under her hair, hair that further worsens matters due to being so immobile. The rear of the pack shows her in a pose - with her head up - that the figure cannot match. There's no way to get her to look have any head pose but looking down. It's a shame, as the face sculpt is actually very good.

The articulation problems don't end there. The figure's hips seem very ''sprung'' - which is why she looks so static in all my photos. I found it impossible to get her to stand in any pose that didn't involve having her feet planted firmly on the ground, as the hip joints ''pinged'' back to her standard pose. There's also no waist articulation.

Paint is cleanly applied and the metallic blue looks great. However, the backs of her hands have a kind of ''extended glove'' effect but it's not the same metallic blue and so looks odd.

The figure comes with a stand, HAMMER file and slide-on ''energy'' accessory. Unfortunately this is not a good fit on the hand and tends to wobble about when in place.

Final Thoughts
The previous rarity of Jean Grey is the only stand-out feature of this toy. Without the ''Holy Grail'' Factor, this is an incredibly below-average figure. Unless you can find her cheap or as part of some kind of two-for-one deal (and there's nothing else in the store you want), don't bother - she's really not worth it.

Production QualityC-
Final ScoreC-

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  1. I actually saw her the other day along with The Grey Hulk but i passed on both. The Grey Hulk i did not like how it looked and with Jean Grey i just dislike the Character.

  2. Yeah, I only bought her for completeness' sake, to be honest. She'd be good were it not for the poor hair sculpt, although she's also just very stiff and inflexible (in terms of the articulation points - she doesn't have stiff limbs) and when you add the hair sculpt to that, she becomes very boring and immobile.

  3. Kind of reminds me of the first few waves of X-Men figures from the early '90's cartoon. It's got slightly more detail than those figures did, but not much. Plus it seems to have inherited the same proportion and articulation issues they exhibited. I'd be pissed if I'd been hunting for this figure for months too.

  4. I know it's an ''older'' figure in the range but it's very disappointing when compared to some newer MU figures.

  5. I'm kinda disappointed as well. I have been waiting for this figure since ToyBiz release in early 90's. I just hope MU releases a new version to give justice to this character. ;)


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