Tuesday, April 5, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Bare Bones Skull and Snake

We've already seen one toy from the Bare Bones collection, but as they were so cool, I decided to present a follow-up with this piece I'm calling the ''Skull and Snake,'' which despite what it might sound like, is not a dodgy Goth pub.

Like the Gargoyle we previously looked at, this piece came from a vending machine restocked with the Bare Bones toys (despite its cover piece claiming it was ''Pirate Treasure.'') And like the Gargoyle, it was a 50c toy.

The sculpt - which appears to be inspired by Standard Tattoo #31298: Skull with Snake in Eye - is actually very good. There's a lot of detail on the serpent's scales and the skull appears anatomically accurate. There are even some nice details like a crack in the back of the skull.

The piece itself is hollow and makes a pretty good thumb-puppet.

Again, a black wash is used to accentuate the various details and it's nicely applied, giving the skull and snake a weather-worn/ancient look.

Oh and to cap it all off, like the Gargoyle, the Skull and Snake piece comes in a very cool black plastic vending capsule. Nice.

Whilst it's not as cool as the Gargoyle - which also struck me as being a useful diorama piece - this is still a very fun little macabre toy, which kids I'm sure will love.

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