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REVIEW: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Courtney ''Cover Girl'' Krieger

Produced by Hasbro | Released 2009

Special weapons expert Courtney ''Cover Girl'' Krieger is a military assistant to General Clayton ''Hawk'' Abernathy. Using her commando training she fearlessly faces the ruthless forces that attack the GI Joe Pit Headquarters.

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Courtney ''Cover Girl'' Krieger
Cover Girl - despite being a reasonably well-known character in the regular GI Joe universe who specialises in heavy artillery and vehicles - was relegated to a fairly minor ''office'' role within the movie. Hasbro has attempted to bridge the gap between the two versions of the character with this figure's equipment but it really doesn't work, conceptually - a point we'll come back to in a minute.

The core sculpt is - like the Scarlett figure Reviewed last week - clad in the Base Camo fatigues. However, kudos to Hasbro for not simply re-using the same figure (even if she does apparently use some pieces from Lady Jaye.) The basic body is pretty good, although I'm not sure about her torso and leg proportions.

Despite the relative simplicity of her uniform, there are some nice touches. I like the ID badge on her chest, for example, and the small points such as her belt loops, pouches and rolled-sleeve creases are nicely rendered.

The head sculpt isn't bad. She's by no means as ugly as the Baroness figure but she still has something of a man-jaw. Her hair is also pretty badly produced, with some nasty mold lines ruining what's actually a quite nice bit of sculpt-work.

Articulation is fine on the whole, although her wrists are incredibly femmer and feel as if they're going to snap when you attempt to pose her. She also struggles to hold some of her equipment. Despite the fact that you can rotate her head a full 360 degrees, the hair sculpt also gets in the way when posing her, with locks at the back being a single, solid piece.

Paintwork is also fine. The camo pattern is nicely produced and looks good and the details on her badge and face are cleanly picked-out.


Cover Girl comes with two silver pistols, neither of which have holsters on the figure. She's also equipped with a bullpup-style assault rifle and a laptop (which can be folded open and shut) - again though, neither of these pieces has anywhere to store them. Her obligatory oversized weapon is - in this case - a large-scale rocket launcher. One nice touch is the inclusion of a fold-down grip. It's too bad that the figure cannot hold it though.

Final Thoughts
Although the figure itself is OK, there's nothing really to make her stand-out. If she's an aide-de-camp, Hasbro should have given her suitable and practical ''office'' gear like a computer and a small sidearm (and most importantly, somewhere to store it when not in use.) Don't give her oversized rocket launchers and assault rifles. If she's the original universe Cover Girl, give her the heavy artillery and weaponry and then drop the laptop. (Speaking of which, this is a really dated accessory considering the movie is set in the near future - she should have had a smart phone or tablet-style computer rather than this clunky bit of hardware.)

The real problem is that she has no storage space whatsoever for any of her gear. You can either display her with her weapons or with the laptop, but not both, because when you do so, she looks absurd, as if she's carrying her overly-bulky computer into the middle of a firefight or as if she's about to shoot her laptop.

Maybe you can live with that. I can't, personally. With a bit more thought and better role-defining gear, this figure would have been good. As it is, she's an OK toy let-down by poorly thought-out, nonsensical accessories.

Production QualityB-
Final ScoreB-

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  1. Those "Big Cannon" weapons were packed with all of these Rise of Cobra movie figures and to be honest i don't really care for them but they were placed there i think for the younger kids and not collectors like us. I like this figure actually there is a "simple" feel to it and she is not all in black either which is plus for me too lol.

  2. Yeah, some of the oversized weapons work OK - I like the zip-line one with one of the Snake Eyes figures, but some are just too big to be any use.


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