Monday, April 11, 2011

REVIEW: Mega Bloks Marvel Iron Man Minifig (Battle Damage Variant)

Produced by Mega Brands | Released March 2011

We've already seen the Invincible Iron Man Minifig from the Mega Bloks blind-bagged Marvel line. Now it's the turn of this variant, the Battle Damage Iron Man.

A Repaint And Nothing More
Whilst it's nicely produced and well-applied, this figure is nothing more than a repaint of the Invincible Iron Man Minifig. As such there's little to say that hasn't already been said and so rather than retread old ground, I'll simply suggest you re-read that Review, check the Image Gallery below and consult the updated Score table.

Production QualityB-
Final ScoreB+

Image Gallery


  1. Yeah, for a figure the size they are, the Mega Bloks minifigs are pretty good. It's just too bad there aren't enough of them in the range.


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