Monday, April 18, 2011

REVIEW: Nodding Toilet Monkey

Produced by Unknown | Released Unknown

It's a monkey. Not only that, it's also a monkey sitting on the toilet. And best of all, when he's exposed to light, he starts to nod. Awesome.

Solar Power Monkey! Much Delight of Friendship and Toilet!
My wife and I picked-up this little chap at a store specialising in Hello Kitty and other Japanese character-based merchandise. Unfortunately the packaging was in Japanese and as he bears no manufacturer marks or other distinguishing features, so I'm unable to provide any information on his origins.

Nodding Toilet Monkey
The basic sculpt is pretty cute. It looks as if he was made from modeling clay, with a simple, child-like quality to the production. The actual plastic used to produce the toy is quite brittle/hard feeling, which comes as a surprise given the softness of the sculpt's shape. The toilet has a nicely ''manufactured'' look to the design, although it retains the same gentle curves of the monkey. There are also nice details on the bowl, such as little hinges to hold-up the toilet cover.

The head sculpt is pretty well detailed, with a definite ''hair line'' around his face and his nose being a tiny little extra, rather than simply being painted-on.

Speaking of which, the paintwork is pretty good on the whole. The body's fur is rendered in a deep brown, with a lighter tan colour used for his skin. Black paint is then used to finish off the details such as his eyes, nose and mouth. His magazine/newspaper includes a black transfer to provide a print effect, which works nicely and is cleanly applied.

The head - by default- hangs forward under its own weight. However, expose the toilet's cistern to light (any light) and his head begins to bob, gaining speed quite rapidly. This will continue for some time after the light-source is removed and has a nice, fluid motion to it.

Final Thoughts
My opening paragraph covered it - a monkey sitting on a toilet, who nods when exposed to light. If that hasn't sold you on it, I don't know what will.

Production QualityB
Final ScoreB

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  1. now if he flings the poo prior to flush, I'm in for one of these. Mixing monkies and bathroom humor is a win win.

  2. Ha! I never thought of that. Maybe he's just collecting it all for later...

  3. I want one!
    Can you post some pics of the box so I know what to look for?

  4. Sadly I no longer have the box, but it was a kind of L-shaped box with an open front, showing the toilet monkey within.

    Also, the photos don't show it but the toy itself is actually quite small, maybe 3'' or so tall.

    I hope that helps!


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