Sunday, May 29, 2011

COOL CAPSULES: Freaky Geek Ollie

We've looked at some of the Freaky Geeks before (Knuckles, Herbert and Cy-Fi) so you should know pretty much what to expect from today's Cool Capsule entry, Freaky Geek Ollie.

Ollie is an octopus-like creature with five limbs. A quintopus?

The sculpt is pretty cool, with his limbs featuring tiny bobbles, molded spots on his scalp and even a little soul-patch beard (maybe he's the vile green hairy-lipped squid from the joke...) His facial features are also well-sculpted, with slightly sardonic smile and a heavily-lidded eye giving him a great, sarcastic expression.

Unfortunately he has a mold line running across his head. It's not hugely obvious but it's there if you look for it. Thankfully you won't notice it from most angles. There's also a very minor blemish in the plastic on his left side but again, it's fairly light.

Obviously he's not articulated but his pose is fine for what it is and he stands well enough.

Paint is well-applied and looks good. I think this is the fully painted variant (I also received two Knuckles from the same machine that were equally well-painted) and it's a pretty good job, overall. The spots on his head are nicely picked-out (although only on the front...) and his soul patch looks pretty cool.

Beyond that, there's little to really say about him. He's a very cool little addition to the line and I find as I pick-up more of the Freaky Geeks, the more I enjoy them. I think I had a bad experience with my first Freaky Geek, the fairly un-painted Knuckles, so I'm pleased to see that - for once - I was wrong about these toys. It's just a shame they aren't all produced to the same quality as this.

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