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REVIEW: Gormiti Dedalus, The Undergrounder

Produced by GP Toys | Released January 2009

Not everyone's idea of a best friend, Dedalus lives deep underground. Unaware of day and night, he digs tunnels in a dark world that has left him blind.. He sees and hears thanks to his powers and fangs that can feel everything around them... the slightest tremor... the faintest footstep... Dedalus is very near...


Dedalus was released as part of a double-pack along with Magic Crow. A variant Dedalus - featuring glow-in-the-dark details and a darker paint app - was also released and packaged with Cannon Trunk.

Dedalus the Undergrounder
Dedalus is an Earth Tribe Gormiti, a burrowing, subterranean creature with a very bug-like appearance. 

The basic design of Dedalus is quite eye-catching and he's one of the more engaging figures in the Gormiti line. The four-armed design works well and the bug-like head - complete with mandibles and fly-like eyes - is suitably creepy to give him a lot of kid-appeal. However, although hs shoulders and head feature small nodules or bumps, which add a little extra depth to the sculpt, he is a little lacking in close-up detail. His shins, forearms and back, for example, are quite solid and chunky - which looks fine - but a little more detail such as cracks or segmented pieces would have really added a lot.

Obviously Dedalus lacks any form of articulation but the pose he's cast in is quite cool and has a good air of menace about it. The open, curled claws add a bit of character/purpose to the pose and the tilted-forward head is a pretty cool touch. There's a very pleasing symmetry to the pose that makes him quite easy on the eye, which I like.

Dedalus is of the Earth Tribe and - as such - follows their standard colour scheme of yellow, brown and grey.  It's reasonably well applied, on the whole, with just a few minor miss-apps on his knees and elbows but it's not the worst app I've seen. The colour scheme itself works well on Dedalus, as it enhances his insect-like appearance and giving him a yellowjacket-like appearance, which I like.

Dedalus comes with his Gormiti Battle Card, the text of which was used in the Review intro.

For those of you who were wondering, his Battle Card has a 6 Rating to add to the figure's basic 5 Rating.

Final Thoughts
Dedalus the Undergrounder is a cool addition to the Gormiti line. The figure's design is cool, with elements of the insect rather than rock-based creatures being dominant and giving him a unique look among the other Earth Tribe figures. As I mentioned, I like the symmetry of his pose, where all four arms are splayed, poised to attack with claws curled ready to strike and the colour scheme of the Earth Tribe works well to enhance his insectoid appearance.

As I always point out with Gormiti Reviews, I think the RRP is a little steep for the twin packs ($5 or so for two figures is just too much) but Toys R Us and other discount stores often carry these figures for less. Indeed, the last time I saw them in Toys R Us the double packs were around $1.99, which represents excellent value, so if you can find Dedalus at that price then go for it.

At the end of the day, though if you've no interest in the toys then no single Gormiti is ever going to convert you to the line. They're fun little figures but their price-point, coupled with the number of repeat figures you have to buy to get the variants makes them very much a niche toy line. But if you've ever been tempted to start collecting these toys, then Dedalus the Undergrounder is a pretty good figure to start with.

Production QualityB
Final ScoreB-

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