Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VIDEO VIEW: Mego Pocket Superheroes

I always wanted this Batman and Batmobile set but my parents were never able to find it for me and I had to ''make do'' with the Dinky Batmobile/Batboat/Batcopter set instead, which wasn't anywhere near as good. And yeah, I realise now - as an adult - how selfish an attitude that was, given my parents had got me the next best thing they could when the Mego Pocket Superheroes were nowhere to be found.

What's surprising about this ad (aside from Spider-Man not only having a car but letting the Hulk drive it) is the way both DC and Marvel properties are presented in the same commercial. Granted they only appear on-screen together at the end and don't interact but it's still quite an unusual cross-over...

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